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Aquaworld Cancun Discover Scuba Dive

The word Cancun is synonymous with fun and sun and adventure, and this little slice of Caribbean heaven has some of the best diving waters in the world. Our Discover Scuba for Resort Course is customized for your comfort and safety. In just two hours, you’ll learn the basics of diving with a certified instructor, who will give you the straight talk on everything under the sun (or sea) there is to know about scuba diving: safety procedures, diving specifics and lingo, equipment information and much more. You’ll get hands on (or feet first) instruction in the pool, where you will get comfortable with the scuba gear and discover what it’s like to breathe underwater. You’ll feel like a real frogman (or woman) in no time! Then you’ll head to open water, where you’ll make your first underwater or “discovery” dive. And did we mention that our instructors are bilingual? There’s never a problem with communication. Your safety is our priority, and rest assured that our scuba equipment is absolutely top notch. Better yet, the waters off Cancun are legendary for their clear as a bell visibility, and so warm that you’ll never shake, shiver or quiver. This unbeatable package deal includes pool training with a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) all diving equipment, an instructor supervised reef drive and certified pure air, and an underwater photo that you can show to our friends and family back on the mainland. We’ll bet they’ll hop a flight for Cancun faster than you can say “Dive!” Don’t delay. Make those reservations today and make one of your dreams come true.

  • Learn to scuba dive in only one day
  • Dive off shore in open water at a depth of 40 feet
  • Reef dive while supervised by a PADI instructor

Tour Details

What's Included

  • Pool training with PADI instructor
  • All diving equipment
  • Free underwater photo
  • Instructor, supervised reef dive
  • Certified Pure Air Wetsuit rental is also available

Tour Notes

  • All dives incur a small additional charge for the Federal Marine Park tax and Dock Fees

What To Bring

  • Underwater camera
  • Change of clothes
  • Towels to dry off

Tour Price

Cancun Scuba Dive Price Advantage!
Full Equipment $90
Bubble Watcher $18

Tour Schedule

Tour Times

  • 8:00 AM
  • 11:00 AM

Tour Duration

4 Hours

Tour Available

Tour Restrictions

  • Before you begin any dive with us you must fill out health questionnaire which covers the main illnesses and restrictions that may prevent you from diving. Always consult your doctor before doing any new strenuous activity