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Many people arrive in Cancun with very little knowledge about this great destination. You can definitely experience an unforgettable vacation in Cancun without knowing the first thing about the city or its surrounding areas, but we feel that a more well-rounded trip includes doing a little bit of research on Cancun and the Yucatan Peninsula. Here is some bits of information and facts about Cancun that will help make your vacation that much more memorable.

History of Cancun:

Cancun is one of the most important cities in Mexico due to its reputation as one of the world's top vacation getaways. It's true that Cancun is a vacationer's paradise. The city has luxury five-star resorts, gorgeous stretches of beaches facing the Caribbean Ocean, countless tours and activities, great water sports, amazing restaurants, a vibrant nightlife, and so much more. But only a few decades ago, all of these attractions did not exist. In fact, Cancun was little more than a small fishing village at the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula up until the 1960's. It was around this time that the Mexican government began to recognize the potential that Cancun had for attracting tourists from around the world. The area of Cancun had excellent beaches, easy access to Isla Mujeres, and it was located just a few miles from great patches of coral reef gardens that would attract scuba divers and snorkelers. The decision was made and Cancun was on its way to the grandeur of today. The government and investors quickly built a large international airport. Hotels and resorts quickly started to be built as well. Workers from other parts of the country started showing up. And by the 1970's rolled around, Cancun was on its quick ascend as one of the planet's best vacation destinations.

Cancun Airport:

The Cancun International Airport is the second largest airport in Mexico. Every month, approximately 800,000 passengers pass through its concourses. Most travelers going to the various destinations in the Yucatan Peninsula, including Cozumel and Playa del Carmen, use the Cancun International Airport. The airport is located just outside of the Downtown area. Various companies offer private shuttle services that will take you to your hotel in Cancun or your destination in the other parts of the Yucatan Peninsula. These private shuttles, which can be reserved in advance, are the most convenient way of getting from the airport to your destination. Public transportation also serves the airport.

Getting Around in Cancun:

Cancun is not hugely spread out, but having a car to get from place to place will prove extremely convenient. Most people who come to Cancun stay in the Hotel Zone. You can easily spend a whole vacation in Cancun and not leave the Hotel Zone. This is where the best beaches are, where the majority of the Cancun tours and activities depart from, and where you can find dozens of amazing international restaurants. For many destinations, you can easily jump in a cab and take the 10 minute cab ride. You can also take the public buses if you know exactly where you are headed. But if you want to explore Cancun's downtown or some of the other areas throughout the Yucatan Peninsula, it is a good idea to rent a car. For access to Isla Mujeres or Cozumel, ferries are available and run at least once an hour throughout the day and well into the evening.