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To be able to go diving anywhere in the world without the aid of a guide, you first need to complete your official scuba diving Open Water certification course. This course allows you to dive unaided in waters as deep as 60 feet in places as wide ranging as freshwater springs and wide stretches of saltwater coral reef gardens. If you know you enjoy scuba diving, then the next step is starting your certification course so that you will soon be an officially certified Open Water scuba diver.

There is no place quite like Cancun when it comes to scuba diving. Cancun and the rest of the Yucatan Peninsula's scuba diving is superior. Scuba diving in these areas offers you a large variety of diving options in aquatic settings that are teeming with marine life and action. Cancun and its surrounding area have a year-round subtropical climate that provides guests with warm and sunny weather almost every day of the year. The combination of excellent weather above the surface of the water and vibrant reef habitats beneath the surface of the water creates the ideal conditions for unforgettable scuba diving adventures.

To get your scuba diving certification you need to first sign up for the Open Water certification course. This course typically takes three to four days, though you oftentimes have the option of completing parts of the course at a dive shop in your hometown in order to make the certification process faster once you arrive in Cancun. The course starts off with the classroom portion, where you learn the theories and basics of scuba diving in a classroom-like setting. You should have read your dive book prior to arriving for the classroom portion, so that it can be as quick as possible. The second portion of your Open Water diving certification course is the pool training. Here, you will join your dive master in a pool setting in order to apply your knowledge of scuba diving and introduce yourself to the use of the dive equipment. Once your dive instructor feels you have become comfortable enough using the equipment, it's time for the real fun. The final part of the certification course is the check out dives. Spread throughout two days, you will go on four different dives to various areas off the coast of Cancun. Your dive instructor will be on hand throughout all the dives, but you will see that by the fourth dive you will feel completely ready to go scuba diving on your own! After you successfully complete all four check out dives, you will be rewarded your Open Water Scuba Diving certification.

We also offer upgrades to dives in the waters off the coast of Cozumel, the small island just off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, directly east of Playa del Carmen.